Small Business Development and Jobs

As your governor, Chuck will put a priority on supporting the small businesses and family enterprises that have long been the backbone of both rural and metropolitan economies in Nebraska.

Our state government must continue to be a leader in supporting small enterprise development.  Chuck helped write the Nebraska Advantage Microenterprise Investment Tax Credit - the nation's only state tax credit designed to meet the unique needs of small businesses.  He also helped author a tax credit law that encourages landowners to rent land to beginning farmers, which has since been copied by Iowa. 

From his work at the Center for Rural Affairs, Chuck knows firsthand that pointless rules can kill the entrepreneurial spirit, jobs and opportunity.  As governor, he will launch a comprehensive review to ferret out bias against small business. 

Chuck also recognizes the need to expand job training.  By working with employers, community colleges, and high schools, we can beef up technical training and enable Nebraskans to fill the much needed, good paying job openings that are available now.

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