Stand with Chuck on Prison Reform

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Our prison system is broken. The Nebraska Department of Corrections has not used their broad authority to take automatically granted good time away from inmates for breaking prison rules. And as a result, last summer four Omahans lost their lives, and four Nebraska families lost loved ones. 

This has to stop.

As Governor, Chuck will take every day of automatically granted good time away from prisoners who repeatedly break Department of Corrections rules.

Chuck Hassebrook has a plan for prison reform:

  • Reduce the prison population by thoroughly examining each nonviolent offender's case
  • Reestablish job training and education programs and mental health services for inmates
  • Expand drug and mental health courts, which have proven to drastically reduce recidivism.

And he will focus on long term solutions that will prevent further burdens on Nebraska's budget and the criminal justice system, including:

  • Investing in expanding quality early childhood education programs
  • Expanding job training programs in high school 

Read more about his plan here.

Are you with Chuck?