Gubernatorial candidate talks policy

He may be the lone Democrat seeking to be the next governor, but Chuck Hassebrook says his chances are good and his dedication to the state is strong.

Hassebrook, a former University of Nebraska regent and past director of the Center for Rural Affairs, visited York this past week as he campaigns across Nebraska.

With the majority of voters in Nebraska being Republican, Hassebrook is consistently answering the question of whether he can win enough votes to be the next governor.

“I’ve spent decades trying to improve rural life in Nebraska,” he responded. “A lot of Nebraskans vote for the person – not the party.”

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Hassebrook’s focus on state’s farmers, ethanol producers

A proposal by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to limit the amount of ethanol production in 2014 would be detrimental to Nebraska’s economy, said Chuck Hassebrook, Democratic candidate for governor, who was in Grand Island on Friday.

If elected governor, Hassebrook said, he would be “an advocate for Nebraska’s farmers and ethanol producers.”

“They have made a major investment in this state,” he said. “Ethanol has been a good thing for this state. It not only helped out markets and farm prices, it has strengthened our cattle feeding industry and has given it a competitive advantage over places such as Texas, who don’t have the byproduct (distiller’s grain). It has been good for us.”

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Gubernatorial Candidates Meet in Hyannis

This candidate forum, held at the appropriately named Winter Building, will probably be the last time these men will be in the same room together. For the Democrat Chuck Hassebrook, he moves on automatically, but for the Republicans, four-plus months of competition still remain.

Hassebrook said, "I'm not envious of having a tough primary. I had a primary, my opponent left the race and that means that we can focus on talking to Nebraskan's and building up for the fall, so it is an advantage to be able to get out there and talk about the fall race opposed to fighting out a primary and we're going to take advantage of that."

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Hassebrook nabs endorsements

Thirteen state senators joined Wednesday with former U.S. Sen. Bob Kerrey and Lancaster County Commissioner Jane Raybould in formally endorsing Chuck Hassebrook's 2014 Democratic gubernatorial bid.

Hassebrook announced the endorsements at a news conference in the Capitol Rotunda.

Kerrey, Nebraska's former governor and former U.S. senator, was the 2012 Democratic Senate nominee. Hassebrook withdrew from that race and endorsed Kerrey when he entered the contest shortly before the filing deadline.

Senators endorsing Hassebrook included Bill Avery, Danielle Conrad and Amanda McGill, all of Lincoln; Brad Ashford, Tanya Cook, Burke Harr, Sara Howard, Rick Kolowski and Heath Mello, all of Omaha; Ken Haar of Malcolm; Russ Karpisek of Wilber; Kate Sullivan of Cedar Rapids; and Norm Wallman of Cortland.

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Hassebrook says strong rural showing is key in Nebraska contest

Chuck Hassebrook, the former University of Nebraska regent and sole Democrat running for the 2014 governor seat, said history has shown a two-step rule for winning in the heavily Republican state.

Hassebrook said that playbook resulted in governor and senator seat wins for Democrats Jim Exon and Ben Nelson: (1) Win the vote in metro areas such as Omaha and Lincoln, and, (2) come close to winning the vote in the rural areas.

"I am going to make it a real race in rural Nebraska," Hassebrook told the Journal after stops in South Sioux City on Friday.

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Nebraska Farmers Union endorses Hassebrook for Governor


Chuck Hassebrook, Democratic candidate for Nebraska governor, has received the endorsement of NEBFARMPAC, the political action committee of the Nebraska Farmers Union. The announcement of the endorsement was made Saturday in Grand Island at the 100th annual convention of the Nebraska Farmers Union.

Hansen said because of Hassebrook’s experience and association with the Nebraska Farmers Union for more than three decades, “His word is good. He has been a good partner. He is knowledgeable and a straight shooter. We think that is the kind of leadership that will help us who represent rural interests and the state as a whole move our state forward and realize our potential, especially with renewable energy and rural economic development.”

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Hassebrook foresees tax battle in governor's race

Virtually every Republican candidate wants to cut back on income taxes with their focus on the highest income bracket.

That position would provide tax advantages to the wealthiest Nebraskans "at the expense of working families who are striving to make ends meet," Hassebrook said, and it's a tax policy that runs counter to the desire of most Nebraskans for property tax relief.

"There would be some real trade-offs here," he said. "Either you shift taxes onto someone else or you dramatically cut services" that are important or vital to most Nebraskans.

Hassebrook said he is eager for that 2014 general election debate.

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Democrat Hassebrook promises bipartisan focus

"The art of governing, from my standpoint, is really to focus on the things that we can agree on that will move us forward," he said. "My priorities are all things that we can agree on across party lines that will move us forward as a state. Not only are they good issues to run on, they're good issues for government."

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Hassebrook lays out campaign priorities in visit to G.I.

Chuck Hassebrook, Democratic gubernatorial candidate from Lyons, visited with Grand Island business leaders Tuesday.

Hassebrook and community business leaders discussed a wide range of topics, including education, rural economic revitalization and renewable energy.

Hassebrook emphasized three priorities of his campaign when it comes to creating jobs and economic opportunities.

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Hassebrook campaigns for governor claiming economic opportunity from Missouri River to the Panhandle

Chuck Hassebrook brought his campaign for the Democratic nomination for governor to Nebraska City on Nov. 20. 

"I want to fight for average people and average Nebraskans," he said.

Hassebrook, director of the Center for Rural Affairs in Lyons, Neb., served on the University of Nebraska Board of Regents for 18 years.

He said he decided to run for governor to fight for jobs and economic opportunity from the Missouri River to the Panhandle.

"My life has been focused on creating rural opportunity. My task is making it work for ordinary Nebraskans," he said.

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