Farmers and Ranchers, Ag Leaders Support Hassebrook

Lyons, Neb. – Chuck Hassebrook is setting the record straight on his positions on agriculture and environment.

“My opponent’s ads are flatly untrue. The truth is this: I’ve spent my whole life fighting for family farms and ranches, small businesses, and small town and rural Nebraska. I oppose and have spoken out vigorously against the EPA’s proposed Waters of the U.S. rule, and my record shows that I have helped many farmers and ranchers overcome burdensome regulations.

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Omaha Fire Fighters endorse Hassebrook

Omaha Professional Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 385, have endorsed Chuck Hassebrook for Governor.

“Omaha Fire Fighters chose to endorse Chuck Hassebrook because we’re confident that he will make public safety his number one priority. The men and women on the front lines of delivering emergency services need to know that Nebraska’ leader has their back. We know we can count on Chuck, and strongly believe he will make an excellent Governor,” said IAFF President Steve LeClair.

Chuck Hassebrook said, “I deeply appreciate the support of the men and women that protect our lives and property. I am honored to stand with them.”

Yesterday, Hassebrook also received the support of the Omaha Police Officers Association (OPOA) and the Nebraska Fraternal Order of Police, representing more than 750 peace officers in Omaha and hundreds more across the state.

IAFF Local 385 represents 634 fire fighters and paramedics in the City of Omaha.

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Omaha Police, Nebraska Fraternal Order of Police endorse Hassebrook


Omaha, Neb. -- At a press conference earlier today, the Omaha Police Officers Association (OPOA) and Nebraska Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Chuck Hassebrook in his campaign for Governor.

“This was an easy choice to make. It is clear that Chuck Hassebrook’s number one priority is to keep Nebraskans safe, unlike his opponent Pete Ricketts, who just doesn’t seem to get it when it comes to Good Time,” said OPOA President Sargent John Wells.

President of the Nebraska Fraternal Order of Police John Francavilla reiterated support from law enforcement, “The Good Time issue is important and needs to be addressed immediately by the next Governor. Any delay will jeopardize the public safety of the citizens of Nebraskans. That’s why we’re backing Chuck Hassebrook for Governor.”

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Hassebrook will crack down on Corrections, Good Time

Chuck Hassebrook, Democratic candidate for Governor of Nerbaska, has released the following statement regarding the Omaha World-Herald's latest story (10/11/14)  on the Department of Corrections and Director Kenney:

"As Governor, I will crack down on problems in the Department of Corrections, and appoint a Director who will follow the law, on Day One.

"No one is above the law, and if I had been the one present at the meeting where Governor Heineman and Attorney General Jon Bruning learned of the Director's illegal program, I would have taken action immediately.

"I would also use my authority under the law to take away every day of automatically granted good time from offenders who demonstrate from their behavior in prison that they are a threat to our communities."

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Hassebrook quotes statute on ‘good time’

"Governor Heineman has been in the press for months, refusing to accept responsibility for failing to revoke good time for inmates who demonstrate by violence in prison that they are a threat to our communities.  

"The good time statute, and I quote, reads that good time 'may be forfeited, withheld, and restored by the chief executive officer of the facility' in response to charges of misconduct.

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Votes are being cast!

Did you know that Nebraskans started voting yesterday?

That's right -- you can cast your ballot for Chuck Hassebrook for Governor and Jane Raybould for Lieutenant Governor by voting early!

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Hassebrook doubles fundraising

Democratic candidate for Governor Chuck Hassebrook has released the following statement about his latest campaign financial report, which is due today to the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission (NADC):

Since the last report in June, Hassebrook has doubled the total amount raised in the campaign, bringing his total from $1.4 million to a record $2.8 million.

“I am humbled to receive such strong financial support in my campaign, but am especially proud that over 95 percent of my donations are from Nebraskans, most of whom have contributed $100 or less. It means a lot to have their early vote of confidence now, and at the ballot box in November,” said Hassebrook.

Education, economy are priorities for Hassebrook

Economic vitality is important in Nebraska. However, I turn to a quote by a long-time Oklahoma newspaperman to support the case for a more important issue. Oklahoma Observer Editor, Frosty Troy said, "Everything America is or ever hopes to be depends upon what happens in public schools and classrooms."

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Hassebrook is authentic Nebraskan

I am old enough to remember the farm crisis that was brought about by the same kind of large out-of-state corporate interests that back Pete Ricketts.

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Nebraskans just aren't buying it

Lincoln, Neb. – Gubernatorial candidates Chuck Hassebrook and Pete Ricketts met in Lincoln this evening for their second debate, and the differences between the two couldn’t be clearer.

“Pete continues to throw out typical partisan attacks and push the same old recycled ideas that we’ve heard from him and every other extremist, out of touch politician for years. Middle class Nebraskans can’t trust Pete to work for them when his track record works against them,” said Hassebrook.

“Governor of Nebraska isn’t an entry-level or a part-time job. We need a proven leader who can effectively manage government and oversee state agencies – and that’s Chuck Hassebrook,” said Hassebrook Communications Director Meg Mandy.

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