Hassebrook endorsed by NEBFARMPAC

Monday, December 9, 2013 - While celebrating their 100th convention this weekend in Grand Island, the Nebraska Farmers Union Political Action Committee, NEBFARMPAC voted unanimously to endorse Chuck Hassebrook for election to Governor in 2014. 

Gale Lush, President of NEBFARMPAC said, "Chuck Hassebrook has been a member of Nebraska Farmers Union for over 30 years.  Over that time he has been a champion on family farm agriculture, rural economic development, and renewable energy issues.  His distinguished service as University of Nebraska Regent for the past 18 years, and his decades of service at the Center for Rural Affairs give him a well-known and solid track record on our issues.”

John Hansen, NEBFARMPAC Secretary said, “Chuck is up to speed on the issues that family farmers, ranchers, and rural Nebraskans face in their daily lives.  In addition to being knowledgeable on our issues, he is open, accessible, a good listener, and has a positive track record working with a wide range of groups and being able to find common ground.  Given all the challenges rural Nebraskans face, our state needs a champion for our state’s largest single industry, agriculture including ethanol and wind energy development.” 

“As a member of Nebraska Farmers Union, their endorsement means a tremendous amount to me.  As an organization, they have fought hard to ensure that folks that work the land and raise the livestock have the opportunity to own the fruits of their labor and own the land they work,” Hassebrook said.

The NEBFARMPAC endorsement is an important addition to Hassebrook’s campaign and will be extremely beneficial as the campaign heads in to 2014. 

Hassebrook served on the University of Nebraska Board of Regents for 18 years, and spent 36 years working for rural communities at the Center for Rural Affairs, a national rural advocacy and development organization based in Lyons, that assisted over 10,000 rural Nebraska small businesses under his leadership.   

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