Hassebrook champions ethanol, challenges EPA

Friday, December 13, 2013 - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently proposed a change in the Renewable Fuel Standard that will decrease the amount of ethanol for use in the nation’s fuel supply.  Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Chuck Hassebrook has issued a response to the proposed change and the need to increase support for Nebraska’s ethanol industry and corn farmers:

 “As Governor, I will be a champion for the corn farmers and corn ethanol producers that have made significant investments in the long term economic and social viability of Nebraska.  I oppose the EPA’s proposal to reduce the amount of ethanol used in the nation’s fuel supply under the Renewable Fuel Standard.  American farmers just harvested a record corn crop, which provides more than adequate supplies to meet the original fuel standard, as well as the needs of livestock producers and other users. 

 “Nebraska’s corn ethanol industry has created good jobs in small towns all across the state, while protecting farmers from price depressing crop surpluses and offering drivers an environmentally friendly, cost effective fuel source. 

 “As Governor I will work together with commodity boards and the ethanol industry to finance and promote an increase in the number of blender pumps across the state.  This will allow consumers to buy the most efficient and cost-effective ethanol blend for their vehicles.  It's common sense to give Nebraskans the option of using more of our ethanol close to home, where we have a large, low cost supply. 

“Finally, as Governor I will bring together a task force of farmers, ethanol producers, scientists and environmentalist to make Nebraska a leader in next generation biofuels produced from grass, crop residue and other sources of cellulose.  We have the opportunity to plot a course that adds to the ethanol produced from corn, creates good jobs and offers a new source of farm and ranch income, while protecting our soil and enhancing wildlife habitat.”

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