Votes are being cast!

Did you know that Nebraskans started voting yesterday?

That's right -- you can cast your ballot for Chuck Hassebrook for Governor and Jane Raybould for Lieutenant Governor by voting early!

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New Ads!

We have two new ads up this week!  Check them out here, and make a donation to help keep us on the air! 

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We've Come a Long Way

Friends --CH-JR_Women.jpg

August 26th, 1971 was established as Women's Equality Day to commemorate the passage of the 19th amendment to the United States Constitution, which granted women the right to vote.

This is also the date we recognize the continuing efforts of women to achieve full equality. We've come a long way since their righteous struggle to pass the 19th amendment back in 1919, but we still have a long way to go. 

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You'd know, Pete.


It was just late last week that the Ricketts' were accused of cutting the hours of the grounds crew of their pro-baseball team, the Chicago Cubs, to avoid complying with a federal law and save their own billionaire family a few bucks. This "cost saving" measure resulted in a three hour game delay due to rain because there weren't enough employees on hand to cover the field with a tarp. 

And remember, Pete says he wants to run the state of Nebraska like his family has run the Cubs organization.

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Intern Chronicles: Quinn Biever

Quinn Biever, InternOne of the first major efforts I became a part of on the campaign, was a movement to put a minimum wage increase on the ballot in November. Going door-to-door and speaking with hard-working, everyday folks, I learned raising the minimum wage means more than just extra money for college students. It means people who work around the clock to support themselves and oftentimes others will at least have a fighting chance. 

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Intern Chronicles: Sorcha Desmond

I first met Chuck in April at a fish fry.

I didn’t know who he was, but noticed that he was making the rounds picking up trash and chatting with people at each table. When he got to my table, he introduced himself to me and my friends and told us why he was running for Governor. As soon as he left, I pulled out my phone and googled “Chuck Hassebrook.” Because I’m a college student, the first thing that caught my eye was the work he did as a Regent for the University of Nebraska to securing need based financial assistance to college students from modest and low income families.

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You could say I have a rich history with minimum wage

You could say I have a rich history with minimum wage.

I grew up in small town Nebraska, a place where people work hard and never give up, but I have struggled to get where I am.

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A Fair Shake for Rural Nebraska and Support for the Small Town and Rural Way of Life

Click to read Chuck's plan to create genuine economic opportunities for our rural communities.

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Our first TV and Radio Ads!

Team Hassebrook is excited to be up on the air!  Check out the ads below.

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More of the same

The six Republican candidates running for Governor just got done with another primary debate, and all we heard was more of the same.

More of the same failed policies we have endured for the last ten years, like lowering taxes on the top earners and shifting them on to average, hard-working Nebraska families. More of the same short-term fixes to the long-term challenges we must confront in our prisons, in funding for education, and in the Department of Health and Human Services. And more of the same irresponsible political bickering that has taken the place of meaningful conversations about much-needed solutions for Nebraskans.

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